Because all Curves are worth Respecting!

Queens love your Curves

The beauty of confident women

Delicious Orange

Delicious orange accent those curves that demands respect!

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Spicy Red

Spicy Red letting everyone who see these curves recognize they better respect them!

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Spunky Pink

Spunky Pink drawing attention to those curves that all should respect!

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Captivating Blue

Captivating Blue highlighting those curves that commands respect!

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Despite what THEY say

Every Queen is beautiful and our beauty is not define by others standards!

This is more than a shirt, it makes me proud to strut my curves... all of them


Women are the most beautiful creation this shirt is dope because I love a curvy woman!


 I just love Teri, the creator! She inspires me on so many levels. She makes me proud to be a curvy woman and I now know its about being healthy and not skinny!